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Don't sit on the sidelines - learn the skills of IEM Certified mediators.

Our suite of Individualized Education Mediation (IEM) certification courses provides a modular, mix-and-match suite of educational opportunities. These courses serve those who are looking for general information up to those seeking certification - providing most modules online or in coordination with other educational institutions.

Our certification courses:

  • Enable general understanding - pay a pro-rated amount for only the modules you complete, 

  • Combine modules over time - any course that is taken within the certification window may be counted towards certification regardless of the order it is taken in, and

  • Apply your current certification - mediators who are currently certified by another state or organization with reciprocity may compete their 3.2 credit hour certification in only 1 credit hour.

Courses are primarily provided online, with individualized tutelage available for those who need alternative 1-on-1 instruction.

To request course enrollment, please email

/per credit hour

(Optional): $150/hour for Private Instruction


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