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Don't go it alone - take real-time support into the room with you.

Our mediators provide real-time support during any IEP meeting or consultation via video or teleconference. Every IEM Certified mediator is trained to spot and explore miscommunications -- providing a the time and space everyone needs to understand their options.

Our real-time support will:

  • Understand your objectives - The mediator for your meeting will have access to your Prep Meeting Plan, and clarify as needed prior to the meeting

  • Seek understanding across the Team - The mediator for your IEP Team will spend each meeting ensuring all parties are effectively communicating their intentions, and

  • Modify the tempo of the room - conversations can move fast, so our mediators are trained to slow the room down when the conversation need to come back to your goals and concerns.

The specific mediator providing real-time support for each meeting is selected by IEP Equity after optimizing client needs based on lead time, availability, skill, and cost.

To request real-time support, please contact

/per hour

+ $70/hour for Expedited

- $30/hour for Hardships


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