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The most important part of an IEP meeting is being prepared.

Our IEP Prep Package includes 3 main resources to help walk parents through the IEP meeting -- providing a document to keep their concerns and issues at the forefront of the meeting and help return to their goals, no matter what paths the meeting takes.


Our call will prepare you to:

  • Know what you want to happen - Walk into the room with your goals and concerns clearly listed out and in front of you

  • Explain how it helps your student academically - Be clear on what you're asking of the district, and how your student falls into the category, and

  • Have techniques for slowing the room down - conversations can move fast, we'll give you a tool kit to bring the conversation back to your goals and concerns.

Prep Package includes the free 30 minute consultation call up front, a one hour prep call with our experts, and a 30 minute debriefing.

To request our Prep Package, please enter your details below:


Are any of these challenges in your IEP meetings?
Our Prep Meetings cost $60 and last about an hour. Is this OK for you?
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